Relapse is the second episode of the first season of UnREAL, and it's second episode overall.

A family tragedy strikes one of the girls; and Quinn continues to push boundaries.

Plot Edit

Quinn and Rachel are informed by a P.A that contestant Anna's aunt called to inform the crew that Anna's father is in the ICU after a heart attack. Quinn decides not to tell Anna about this, and makes Rachel agree not to tell Anna about it until the next morning, after the Cinderella ball.

While Rachel's back is turned, Anna runs away from the ball. Rachel eventually gets in a golf car and drives after her. She eventually catches up to her at a bar, when Anna reveals that her father had passed away. Later, Anna is crying in a bathroom stall, and Rachel attempts to comfort her. Rachel promises Anna that she can get her home, and Anna agrees to leave with Rachel and Jeremy in the golf cart.

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